(Not) Wordless Wednesday

Last night we were playing with Ducky and my hubby threw her Nylabone into the kitchen for her to go after and bring back to us.  I wish I’d had the camera handy to record a video because it was so funny to watch her….

The “bone” landed between one of the two water bowls and the side of the dishwasher.  Every time Ducky went toward the bone to retrieve it, she saw her own reflection in the glass window of the oven and backed away.  You would think she had never seen herself that way before.  She’d go toward the bone to grab it with either her paws or her teeth and suddenly see her reflection, bark at herself, back away for a few seconds, and try again with the same results.  She must have gone through this process about six or seven times until she finally got brave enough to ignore the “other” dog looking back at her and finally pulled the bone close enough to her face to pick it up and then run away from the scary room. 

Her reaction to her own reflection amuses me.  When Callie has something she wants, she waits until Callie turns her head away and then “steals” the treasure from her.  When Shadow has a treasure that she wants, Ducky starts growling and snarling and I have to break her concentration to avert a “nasty altercation” between the two dogs.  (Lately I’ve missed the opportunity only once, but was able to de-escalate it before anyone – including me – got hurt.)  So, considering how she reacts to Callie, and especially to Shadow, when they have something she wants, I can’t help but laugh when she backs away from her own reflection.  Last night, it took a few minutes for her to go back into the kitchen to retrieve her Kong Wubba when I threw it for her; yet, when she did, it was like the reflection wasn’t even there looking back at her. 

Are your dogs afraid of their own reflections?  How do they react when they see themselves in a mirror, or some other shiny object?


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