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Once again I’m joining the 2 Brown Dawgs and HeartLikeADog blogs for This ‘N That Thursday.  This ‘N That Thursday is for those times when you want to post about unrelated topics or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post.  It can be anything you want, so feel free to grab the button […]



Callie’s Surgery

Done yesterday (2/27/13) – went well, spent the night at the hospital as part of routine post-surgery care.  Dr. Ritter called early this morning and said Callie is doing well so I can pick her up/bring her home whenever I’m ready.  “Is around 11 close enough?” I asked.  “Sure.  That’s fine.  “One of my techs will go over the check-out procedures with you and answer any questions.”  Now we have three months of special attention and care.  More tomorrow.


Ducky’s Daycare

Well, I was going to switch her to half days Monday through Friday and all day Saturday; but, with Callie needing special attention/care for the next several weeks, I think it’s better if I just wait a while on the half days idea at least until April anyway.



I know my Golden baby will be happy to see her big sister again!  Being separated from Callie for a whole day has been hard  on poor Shadow…they haven’t been separated from each other for more than a few hours since the day we first brought Shadow home from the breeder 8+ years ago.   I know Shadow will be very happy when Callie gets home!  They’re not just sisters, they’re the best of best friends as well.   Shadow slept on the bed last night…she rarely stays long even when she does get up, but with the exception of maybe an hour she was there all night.  Bless her sweet little puppy-dog heart!



I’ve been stressed-out for the past week, almost two, since Callie hurt herself.  Until I took her to our regular vet last week, I was afraid it might be her hip – she has had arthritis in her left hip for years, and I couldn’t bear the thought that the right one may now be “bad” – then, when the vet told us what it was and approximately how much it might cost to repair I had “new” stress, especially when he said that the majority of dogs who have this surgery on one leg usually need it on the other leg within a year or two.  Oh wonderful!  But, he also said that if we keep her weight under control and get her the exercise she needs, we have a better chance of her NOT needing the surgery in the other leg.  Now that the stress of waiting for the surgery to be done and knowing that she is doing well or not is over with, maybe I can relax.  I’ll have to re-arrange my daily routine a bit to give Callie the special care she needs right now; but if I get stressed, I’ll just do like dogs do – pee on it and walk away.  Smile   Oh, if only I could! 


4 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. says:

    We had the same surgery 7 yrs ago for Sammy out lab. They said the same thing to us to. We followed the instructions to a tee. Only out of a really big kennel to go to the bathroom and eat. Then back in. It was tough and she did gain about 5-8lbs And 4 mths all wasfixed. You feel so sorry for them,don’t give in it is for the best. Sammy has a bit of arthritis in that leg now but we never had anymore problems. Best of luck!

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hi! Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I do feel sorry for my poor girl! She’s almost 9 years old and an inside dog. We just don’t have the room for a crate, so we close all the doors — to the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. She won’t try to get on the recliners b/c they rock as well as recline, but I’ll have to get a scat-mat or something for the couch. Although at this point, she’s not even trying to climb up on it yet. She gets up to get water, and then goes right back to the doggie bed to lay down again. As for weight gain, it looks to me like she could stand to gain 3 or 4 pounds. She’s on Thyroxin, so her metabolism is under control which will control the weight as well. Poor Callie already has some arthritis in her legs/hips, but she’s a happy girl and she’ll start feeling better soon. Since we have 3 steps to the back yard, I’m using a crate blanket as a sling and I have a handle leash (one that’s just the handle and clip, no lead length). So far, that’s working great. Nope, I’m not giving in…vet said the 3 steps are okay as long as we help her “navigate” them in both directions.
      Thanks again for sharing your/Sammy’s story!

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