Follow Up Friday 2-22-13

I’m not co-hosting with Jodi today, but I have one thing to follow up on….




Saturday Snow – Notes on Callie

I mentioned that after playing in the snow for a while with Shadow, Callie decided to just sit in the middle of the yard and not budge until the rest of us were ready to come inside the house.  Then, when we were inside for a while, I noticed that she was limping.  Well, I watched her for a few days and it seemed to improve with rest and some Tramadol.  Then, yesterday, the limp became noticeably worse again so I made an appointment with the vet for this morning. 

Poor Callie somehow managed to tear the cranial cruciate ligament in her right knee and will require surgery.  We have an appointment with the Upstate Veterinary Specialists on Wednesday to discuss the procedure and recovery, and possibly leave her there for the surgery.  Bless her heart.   Looks like I’ll be doing more than just a few “follow-ups” on sweet Callie’s situation.


9 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday 2-22-13

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Thanks, Jodi! Actually, I’m okay with it. it. What I mean is that I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m just thankful it isn’t something more serious, like osteosarcoma. Our vet believes in the specialists, and I believe in our vet. Plus, these same surgeons did the amputation of a friend’s dog — who happens to be Shadow’s natural sister — and gave her a chance to survive osteosarcoma. She is still in remission more than a year later.

  1. Sue at Talking Dogs says:

    Visited on FUF and needed to find out about Callie’s surgery. We’ve been there and done that! Our boy, Tucker, had the surgery on one leg when he was 5. Then the other leg when he was 11. Long recovery, but he did great and I’m sure Callie will, too. We found hydrotherapy was fantastic for him (though he didn’t like water at first.) Best wishes!

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hi Sue! Thanks for sharing your story with me! Been a bit busy this week…no chance to read comments/published posts until this morning. Callie is finally starting to gingerly use the leg. Now I’ll have to start devising ways to keep her off the living room furniture while getting her used to her soft crate. 🙂

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