Follow Up Friday 2-15-13

Today we join Heart Like A Dog for the Follow-up Friday blog hop.  It’s the blog hop that lets you wrap-up your week and leads you right into the weekend.





Growing Up (Sue’s Notes)

Well, I guess part of “growing up” for a dog is just living each moment as it happens.  There are times when I think Ducky has outgrown some of her anxieties completely and then something happens to change my mind.  For instance, one day last week she didn’t even bark – let alone growl and snarl – at anything in the yard when I took her out there to do her business.  Then the very next day she barked and growled at the leaves as they were blown across the yard by a gust of wind.  Oh well.  It’s going to take time.  I just wish Ducky would outgrow the jealousy or whatever other anxiety is causing her to growl and nip at Shadow or Callie when they come to us for attention at the same time she does – it’s become really old at this point.  Callie and Shadow have been REALLY good lately about just backing away from her without reacting in any other way. 

Whoo-Hoo Wednesday

Well, this was too cute not to share…. When Ducky and I arrived at the doggie daycare facility on Wednesday morning, the owner and one of her employees (who really adores Ducky) were in the little kitchenette just behind the entrance area.  I didn’t see them at first, so I side-stepped in front of the entrance monitor so it would buzz to let them know we were there.  “We’ll be right there…” Maria (the owner) said.  The next thing I knew, Maria and Jen came out into the entrance area singing “Happy Birthday” to Ducky, and Jen was carrying a doggie birthday cake!  I was as surprised as Ducky!  I assumed the cake was for Ducky to share with her playmates there at daycare, so I started to get my iPod out to take a picture before they brought the cake and Ducky back to the play area.  “I’ve gotta get a picture of this!”  I said.  “Well, you can bring it home now, or later; whichever you want.  It’s for Ducky to share with whomever she wants.  It’s our birthday present to her.” Maria said.  “Aw, that’s sweet!  Thank you so much!”  I almost cried I was so touched.   So, here are a couple of pix of the cake…

Ducky's Birthday CakeDucky's Birthday Cake 2

When I arrived home from dropping off the little demon dog, I had to put the cake up where Callie & Shadow wouldn’t be able to get to it!  When I went back to pick her up from daycare so we could spend some time together, it was still raining lightly so I brought her up to the PetSmart.  There weren’t any classes going on in the training area, so the manager said “sure, go ahead” when I asked if I could bring Ducky back there to play and work some cues.  We went into the area, but as soon as I closed the door, Ducky’s anxieties kicked-in.  She was all over the place…barking, whining, sniffing at the door, jumping up against the walls, and generally looking for a way out.  I’m still trying to figure out where this anxiety is coming from…she’s fine in her crate at night.  She goes right into it and curls up after I give her the bed-time treats (Charlie Bear “crackers”), and doesn’t make a sound all night.  Every now and then – if I leave her in there too long in the morning – she starts chewing on her bed (usually at the top seam), but not very often.  And the last few days, she’s been doing the same thing in the kitchen at breakfast or dinner time if I leave her in there alone to go get something elsewhere in the house.  Any ideas?  Anyway, after that, I just walked her around the store, up and down the aisles, a few times.  She was fine, as long as I didn’t stop for too long to look at something (like more toys that we don’t need in the house).  Then she’d get “antsy” again, even in the toy aisle.  We left the store and drove over to a small park I had discovered while en route from the daycare, but there was no place to walk because all the signs said “No Dogs Allowed”.  Bummer!  So, we came home.  We played with Callie and Shadow for a while, but Ducky started getting “growly” again.  Thankfully, the sun had started to come out.  I put on my jacket, attached her leash to her collar, grabbed my keys, and took Ducky for a walk across the street, through the ball field, down the steps to the field that runs along the stream, through that field and then back to the ball field for a few laps around it until I realized it was almost time for hubby to come home.  By then, Ducky was finally tired and calmed down.  She got along fine with her sisters the rest of the night.  And, Miss Jodi, enjoyed sitting in Daddy’s lap most of the evening.  Ducky, Callie, and Shadow REALLY like that birthday cake, too!

This ‘N That Thursday – More Notes by Sue

Well, so much for taking Callie and Shadow over to the ball field…they were both sound asleep on the floor in my office and when I looked up at the clock on my laptop, it was almost time to get ready to go pick up Ducky at daycare! 

Sleepy Time Dawgs

That’s Callie in the foreground, Shadow between the clothes dryer and rocking chair.  (My “office” is also the laundry room and Ducky’s bedroom.) 





6 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday 2-15-13

  1. Hawk aka BrownDog says:

    Hi Y’all!

    Great to meet you! I’m in the Southeast too! Near the coast…where there’s alligators. We spend summers in the mountains where it’s cooler.

    What a tasty lookin’ birthday cake! Lucky Ducky!!! Happy Birthday Ducky!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. Jodi says:

    Great follow-up Sue, thank you so much for co-hosting this week! I hope it wasn’t too difficult for you although I see you managed to get the link in! yay for you!!

    About the growling thing, this was suggested to me with Sampson when our daughter was home at Christmas with her bulldog puppy. At the time we just managed with gates and crates because it was so short term, but since Ducky is there to stay, this might work for you.

    You will need a gate or a crate ready. Keep Ducky on leash while in the house, when she growls or snaps at someone take her away from Dad or you and let her watch from behind gate or crate while the other dogs get that attention. This was suggested to me by people who foster and deal with this regularly. As she is still very adolescent hopefully this won’t take long for her to learn that snapping and growling results in no lovies. 😦 Hope it helps!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hi! Thanks! Nope, not too difficult once I figured out from your email what goes where. The hardest part was figuring out what to say and which pix/videos to use. 🙂

      The growling issue: Thanks for passing this on, too! We’ve been “employing” a variation of the gate/crate thing, mostly because we just don’t have the floor space….when she’s in one of our laps, we just firmly say “NO” and put her on the floor, away from Shadow (most of the time cuz Callie waits patiently for us to give her some “lovies”). I’ve got to figure out a solution with the gates tho!

      Curious…did you add my link to the linky thingy? I tried to do it early this morning and couldn’t from the iPod. When I went to add it a few minutes ago, it was already there. If it was you, thanks!!


      PS Now it’s time to print off stuff for our tax accountant. What fun!!

      Sent from my iPod

  3. Kat N collies says:

    Nice to meet you! We found your blog through Heart Like a Dog. We use to have a golden, named Chloe. They are such sweet dogs.

    As for your problems with Ducky, you should visit the folks at the Team Unruly Blog. They are group of positive trainers, and might be able to give you some advice.

  4. 2browndawgs says:

    That birthday cake is too cute!

    Ducky is a youngster (right?). I would say Ducky is trying to find his place in the pack and maybe feels a bit intimidated by the older dogs. He is trying to let them know he is all that! We have a youngster too so are dealing with a bit of a teenage brat ourselves.

    You mentioned about tiring Ducky out, and you are right that definitely helps, but it is hard this time of year (as we know too). Ducky is a bit different from Jodi’s situation because she had a younger dog coming into an older dog’s home. In your situation you have the younger dog being assertive so that is different. I would suggest doing a lot of formal obedience work with your youngster. Obedience is a gift to the dog so that they know acceptable behavior, but structured obedience can carry over to make the dog more confident and many times other issues (like the growling) will resolve too.

    Our Storm had some quirks as a youngster. Chessies are naturally protective and when we were out walking, she would bark if there was anything amiss along the route, say a toy left in a yard or a newspaper in a driveway. She would also bolt if she was somewhere and she was not comfortable. We could not have that because obviously that is unsafe. A place like Pet Smart would nerve her up a lot.

    What we did with her was a lot (and I mean class after class), of obedience. She hated the place we took our classes. Too much the hustle and bustle. Treats did not make her more comfortable. But we kept working and eventually she earned her CGC in that very building.

    Then when Storm was a bit older we sent her off to a trainer for hunt test training. She loves that type of training and she came back from the trainer as a confident dog that can go anywhere. So my suggestion is to find the kind of training Ducky loves and work it. Find a good trainer to teach you, (a training club is a good place for this). It won’t happen over night, but eventually you will see the difference. And hey Ducky already goes to daycare. That is something my Storm would have never been comfortable with when she was young.

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, to say thanks for your input. Things have been a little crazy around here between hubby’s birthday, Ducky’s birthday, and the snow storm on Saturday. I’m still trying to climb out from under a pile of paperwork on my desk.

      Yes, Ducky is definitely going through adolescence! She’s sweet to hubby and me, but can really be exasperating some times in her attitude toward her older sisters. But, truthfully, the time she spends at daycare is a god-send for all of us, herself included. For her it means having someone closer to her own size and age to play with and expend that turbo-charged energy with (and the staff does some obedience work with her while she’s there, too.) … by the time I pick her up in the afternoon, she’s usually “pooped-out” and ready for a nap in the car. For her older sisters, it means time alone with Mom the way it used to be pre-Ducky. For Me, it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of my older dogs without having to constantly be aware of what Ducky is up to. For “Daddy”, it pretty much makes no difference cuz he’s at work all day during the week, although he does enjoy the time with our “golden girls” on Saturday while Ducky’s at daycare…at least it’s fairly quiet in the house so he can watch sports or news on TV.

      I’ve been taking Ducky for walks in the ball field across the street — it belongs to the church up the road, but as long as none of the church ball teams are practicing or playing a game, they don’t care if people use it to walk their pets. Funny…I clean up after my girls, but I have found evidence that other owners (ie church members) do not. I also work Ducky on her obedience training on Sundays, and a little bit on Saturday afternoons when we get home from daycare. It’s good practice for me since I’m working on my certificate right now, like Lauren at “Life with Desmond”. Anyway, I find it’s a lot easier to hold Ducky’s attention when she’s a little tired than when she’s in “turbo gear”, especially if her older sisters are crying at the door wanting to join us. I plan on continuing the effort to get her used to at least walking around the PetSmart store (including the frequent stops to look at toys or whathaveyou). I think as she gets older, and more comfortable with her “place in the pack”, she’ll be more manageable in the training area. First things first. We’ll get there, just have to be patient. Each dog learns at its own pace, “develops” at its own pace.

      Thanks again!! Have a great week!


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