Whoo Hoo Wednesday

My friend, Jodi over at “Heart Like A Dog” used to have a “WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday” blog hop up until some time last year that I always enjoyed reading … well, the “whoo-hoo” part anyway.  I hope she won’t mind me using this part of the blog hop’s name for the title of this post.  Why this name?  Well, it’s simple…because today IS a “Whoo Hoo Wednesday” in our household….

Today is Ducky’s First Birthday!  Our little shelter pup was given this day as her birthday by the county shelter because when they picked her up as a stray on May 13, 2012, they estimated she was three months old.  So, since May is the fifth month of the year, well you can do the math.  She has been both “demon” and “angel” since the first day she joined the family.  As some of you know already, there was a time when we felt we would have to re-home her because she couldn’t get along with Callie and Shadow.  Then, thanks to the recommendation of a friend, we found a wonderful doggie daycare facility close by where Ducky could work off some of her turbo-charged energy.   Here’s a picture of Ducky as she was when she first came to live with us:


Her head was almost as big as the rest of her body back then, but she’s “grown into” her adult-size body (we hope!).  Funny, my hubby didn’t want another “lap dog” when we first thought about getting another dog.  He wanted a “big” dog, and his son had a very sweet male Golden Retriever living with him at his mother and stepfather’s house…the two of them “worked on” me until I finally gave in and agreed to a Golden Retriever of our own.  On one condition:  that we get a female from the same breeder.  (Back then I wasn’t keen on adopting a shelter/rescue pet like I am now.)  Anyway, when Sam first met Ducky at the shelter, he fell in love with her.  I think he would have adopted her right away had she been able to get along with Callie and Shadow from the start.  And now, our little lap dog favors his lap over mine.  (I guess because he spoils her rotten, plus his lap is just bigger and more comfortable for her.)

For Ducky’s special day, I’m going to pick her up early from daycare and spend time with just her.  Weather permitting, I’ll take her over to the park for a nice long walk along the trails.  (We’re supposed to get rain – AGAIN! – all day, but maybe The Weather Channel will be wrong.  I can hope, can’t I?)  If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll take her up to our neighborhood PetSmart and walk her around, inside the store for a while.  Maybe I’ll even let her pick out a new toy.  Oh, geez, just we need in the house – another doggie toy!!  Smile  Maybe the store manager will be nice enough to let me use the training class area for a while to play with her away from the other customers, if there are no classes going on.  I’ll bring a few of her toys with me (like the Kong Wubba) that we can play fetch with) just in case.  It’ll be a good way to keep her focused on ME, too, instead of the other people and dogs in the store. 

Meanwhile, here are some recent photos of Ducky totally relaxed at home.  My little girl is definitely growing up…used to be she could barely lay still for five minutes let alone long enough to catch a few winks!  I still can’t believe she’s a year old already.  

Relaxation 4IMG_0099IMG_0100IMG_0085

So, to finish this post all I can say is:



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