Growing Up

Our little girl may be growing up, but playing hard all day at doggie daycare still makes her sleepy….

She slept all the way home; and she slept on Shadow’s dog bed until Sam (“Daddy”) got home from work.

Ducky is so funny when her Daddy gets home…she hears him close the door of his truck, she jumps up and runs to the door barking and growling as though she wants to tear the “intruder” from limb to limb. I pick her up, or attach her leash to her collar, so she can’t get out the door; and even though she sees that the man coming in the house is Daddy, she keeps barking and growling. The telltale sign is that little tail of hers wagging wildly in excitement.

For now, though, we still have to keep Shadow away from Ducky and Sam until Ducky calms down. Ducky may be growing up; but in many ways, she is still that anxious little puppy we brought home from the shelter nearly five months ago.



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