Monday Mischief

Well, since Jodi over at Sampson & Delilah used their “snow mischief” as her “Monday Mischief” post for this morning, I figured I would post a little “blurb” of our Saturday — or more accurately, Ducky’s Saturday — as my “Monday Mischief”. I wonder if I can get the picture of the “Monday Mischief” thumbnail photo to work? Here goes:


(Thanks for having it in your post this morning, Gizmo (@ Terrier!  Since I couldn’t find the text-box code, I just saved it as a picture.)

Anyway, this past Saturday was hubby’s birthday so we made a trip up to Charlotte, NC, to see the son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  To say the least, I was uncomfortable about leaving Ducky in the care of a pet sitter because of the way she behaves at times.  I was glad, though, that our usual overnight sitter was able to take the job since Ducky had already met Andrea once back in September so Andrea wouldn’t be a complete stranger to her.  I warned Andrea that Ducky can be a handful by herself, and when in the company of her two older siblings, she can be a little demon dog.  I just gave her as much insight into Ducky’s behavior as I could, knew that Andrea would be firm but kind as always, and left the three dogs in her care for the afternoon/evening.  When Andrea arrived at the house, she texted me.  Too bad she didn’t get any pix on her cellphone, but here’s our conversation (in part)…

Andrea:  Going well so far!  Ducky barked at first, but I sat down and she was all over me!  We are outside now.

Me:  She’s a mess.

Andrea:  Ducky is roaming the yard.  With me at the other end of the leash of course.  I like the neighbors’ free-range chickens.

Me:  Is Ducky barking at the chickens?  (I could just see her standing there, barking her fool head off until she was hoarse!)

Andrea:  She did for a moment, but that’s all.  (Surprise on my face!)  She stared at the chickens, barked a little at the cats, but has been pretty quiet!  (Shock on my face now!  Neighbor must not have been outside with animals – she can’t stand male humans other than “Daddy” and “brother” Jason).

Me:  She’s getting better at being quiet.  Learning from her older sisters.

At that point, I just gave up on the texting cuz it was making me nauseous (we were already back in the car, Sam was driving – following the kids to the restaurant), so I just called her and we talked some…I could hear Ducky barking in the background.  “What is the little demon barking at?”

Andrea:  I think she saw a squirrel or a bird or something…I don’t see anything other than the cats and chickens.  Then, to Ducky:  “Mommy’s on the phone”.  I laughed.  Ducky probably looked at her like she had two heads.  Smile

Me:  By the way, don’t trip over the knee-high gate in the bedroom doorway – we do all the time – it’s there to keep the dogs off the higher bed, especially Shadow.  She doesn’t realize the connection between jumping off that bed and her hips bothering her, like Callie does.  Well, thanks again for taking care of the girls and demon dog for us!  Call me if you need to…I’ll leave the phone on just in case.  And give my fur-babies all a kiss for me.  We’ll be home as soon as we can.

Well, we got home much later than we wanted to – or expected to – but I won’t go there here.  Poor dogs were famished by the time we got home.  Luckily, Andrea gave them some extra treats to tide them over “just in case” we’d be late.  (Thank you for that, Andrea!!) 

All in all, Ducky was a very good girl this weekend.  She behaved herself at doggie daycare on Saturday morning (left her there for about four hours to get some of that turbo-charged energy of hers used up for Andrea’s sake), was really good for Andrea, and was a little angel all day yesterday.  She must be “growing up”.  She’s not a “baby” any more.  BUT OH MY DOG!  She’s an adolescent – Dog Help Us!! Smile



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