Another beautiful poem from my dear friend, Millie. I hope you enjoy it!

Mystical Journey


Enter now,

in this space of magic

to sing,

laugh and dance

in jubilee

of our spirits

united in this fantastic realm.



join me here

in this celestial sacredness.

Never allow your wounds,

scars, and


to sway you into

someone you are not.

I love that you visit

and stay a while

to share in this world

mystified by

you and me



free to be

what we long ago

decided to become.

It is only when you

don’t search for love

that you


capable of loving


without the judgments

of pretentiousness.

This is all there is

in this alchemistic

world created by Spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Entryway

  1. eaglestare@comcast.net says:

    Sue, this poem is beautiful!  It especially goes well with the photo.  Would you ask your friend where the photo was taken, and who took it?  It’s like an award-winning photo!  Did she take it herself?  Wasn’t sure which email to reply to, if you would get this message on WordPress…


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