Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange

When Pamela over at Something Wagging This Way Comes first suggested this gift exchange idea, I loved the idea even though I had no idea how I was going to do it since free WordPress doesn’t allow for linky tools. Just what is a linky tool anyway? 🙂 Well, time has been slipping away from me and here I am trying to write a post like a college student cramming for a final exam. So, here is a copy of an email I sent to my “partner” when I saw his email to Pamela saying he was unsure how to do this linky thingamajig too…. “Hi Allen! You and I are in the same boat. It took me forever to figure out how to get the “Pet Blogger Gift Exchange” badge on my blog — which I don’t post to all that often now that hubby & I have the 3rd dog — and I’m still trying to figure out this “Linky List” thing. By the way, I have been enjoying Noah’s posts and your posts on your other blog. I love that you are SO involved in pet rescue! I would love to be able to foster some of the pups at our shelter; but I don’t have any more room in my house to put another crate, more food, toys, etc.; and my 2 Goldens are beyond the point where they want to play rough like they used to…which is probably a good thing given the size of our home! :-)) Happy New Year!!! Sue Callie, Shadow, and Ducky” So, here’s some linky love for you, Allen Pearson, and for Noah: Keep up the great work! I enjoy all your posts! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


4 thoughts on “Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange

  1. Pamela Webster (@S_Wagging) says:

    What a wonderful email. I’m sure it meant a lot to Allen to get it from you.

    Nothing like getting fan mail. 🙂

    I’ll go now and put your post in the linky list so more people come by to see it. And I see you got the badge up so you learned a new tech trick. Good for you! It’s always good for we “old dogs” to learn a new trick (remind me of that when I complain of tearing my hair out over the blog).

    Thanks for joining the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. Hope you’ll be back next year.

  2. Sams Northern Girl says:

    I’ll definitely be back next year! Now that I kinda know what I’m doing, maybe I’ll be able to post my “linky love” earlier than the last minute! I don’t know how you manage to come up with so many subjects to blog about…I’m afraid I’d be repeating myself after a while. Anyway, looking forward to more stories about your Honey, Allen’s Noah, Jodi’s Sampson & Delilah, and Lauren’s Desmond as well as finding new-to-me pet bloggers. Happy New Year!!

  3. SUGAR: goldenwoofss says:

    Woof! Woof! Came from Allen’s blog. We’ve seen many post about this Gift Exchange. It was a wonderful idea but it was too late for us to join in so hopefully next year. Good Meeting you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hey, when you’re as busy as you obviously are, there’s not much time for stuff like that. It was fun, though, once I figured out what I was doing. And Allen seems like a super guy and Noah’s a handsome boy! They live not far from where my brother and his family used to live (in Northern Virginia).
      I just started following your blog…wow! you put a LOT of work into yours! I just kinda “rattle around” in mine for a while and then go do something else totally unrelated.

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