Keeping Ducky Entertained

Keeping an active, super-high-energy puppy busy and out of trouble on a rainy afternoon is no small feat!  Ducky tends to play a bit too roughly for her older sisters, so they will only play with her for a short time.  Mostly, it’s because Ducky has a case of “the mines”, meaning everything she sees is “Mine!” and she starts to growl and bark if she sees that Callie or Shadow has one of her toys.  She may be playing with something else at that moment, but she still wants whatever toy they have….she “doesn’t play well with others” is what would be on her report card if Callie or Shadow were writing it.  (Her friends at doggie day care like to play rough too,though, so they’d probably not be so critical of our little demon dog.  (By the way, we now use the nickname “Demon Dog” with total affection.)


SOOOO, much of Ducky’s play time (outside of doggie day care) is left to us humans in this three-dog household.  We play with her Kong toys (“Wubba”) and squeaky balls and Nylabones.  I decided to write this (very) quick post and include the following video clip…..


Playing with Ducky on a rainy afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Ducky Entertained

  1. Sams Northern Girl says:

    The video is working in my browser … there should be a red square with a forward arrow in the middle right in the middle of the picture for you to click on to view the video. If not, I don’t know what to tell you. You can always check out my youtube channel…the video clip is on there, too.

  2. Jodi says:

    Oh she’s a cutie!! Is she food motivated and does she like to use her mind? Sometimes on those days when I just can’t get out, I hide food around the house and make the dogs use their noses to find it!!

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hi Jodi! Thanks! Yes, she is DEFINITELY food-motivated. Using her mind? She must use it to come up with ways to torture Callie & Shadow. Thankfully, right now she spends most of her time at doggie daycare to work off that super-charged energy of hers. The time that she spends here at home (all-day Sundays & before/after daycare Monday-Saturday), I try to work in some 5-minute training sessions throughout the day/evening. If 5 minutes at a time isn’t possible, I just work it in any way I can. It’s kinda difficult with her big sisters hanging around, wanting attention too. And — don’t take this the wrong way cuz hubby (aka Sam) is my rock — hubby is no help cuz he gets home from work, pours himself a martini, and plops down in his recliner for a night of TV (UGH!), or on Sat/Sun, just plops down etc. Since he’s the one with the full-time job, I’d feel guilty not letting him do so but the TV volume drives me to distraction! Anyway, Ducky is really good about keeping herself busy with her toys and bones as long as I work in some attention time.

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