What A Difference A Day Makes…


Yesterday morning, the puppy you see in the “attached” photo was living up to her nickname of “Little Terror”.

Reminds me of the 60’s hit by Ruby and The Romantics….”What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours…” I can hear it playing back in my memory.

Ducky has been a little “Earth Angel” almost all day today. There were a few momentary temper tantrums this morning; but since I put her in the kennel cab for our drive home from training class, she has been the sweet little puppy I first worked with at the shelter some 5 or 6 weeks ago. Until two minutes ago, she was asleep on the recliner next to my legs. Even when she’s had the opportunity to make a little pest of herself, she has been a good, respectful puppy around her two older sisters, ALL afternoon.
I am very proud of my littlest “fur-baby”!

Hopefully this excellent behavior is a sign that she is learning her “boundaries and limitations” both with Sam & Me and with Callie & Shadow. A sign that she’s beginning to realize she has her forever home. Right now she and Callie are laying face to face. Callie was cleaning Ducky’s face but its too dark to get a good video. It was a precious moment.

“What a difference a day makes….”



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