Bonding Time with Callie & Shadow

Shadow Kisses                                                   My Sweet Callie


Callie, Shadow and I needed some real bonding time together, at the park, like it used to be before the July heat and LT came along.

I needed my time away from the house to spend surrounded by the peace of nature around me. There’s traffic up on the road but even though I can hear it, it’s not disrupting my personal peace and quiet.
Callie and Shadow are laying in the grass nearby, quietly enjoying our time together without Ducky.


Callie's Gonna Get That Bug!Callie Enjoying the BreezesShadow Checking Out the SceneryShadow Just Chillin' Out


It’s wonderful to have this time with my girls. We have missed our time at the park together. Thank God for the Autumn breezes and cooler temperatures! Funny how even with the stream (that is what’s left of the Reedy River) only a few hundred yards away, there seem to be fewer bugs here than there are at home.

We’ve been here now for about an hour and a half. I guess it’s time to go home and take the little stinker outside. Then I’ll put the girls upstairs and work Ducky on her obedience for a little while. I have to fit lunch in there somewhere for myself.


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