The Stars are to Blame

This blog post by one of my closest friends is, as some of us would say, “right on!”. Oh, I know some people may be offended by the truths stated herein, but if the shoe fits….well, just get over it. Neither my friend nor I posted/re-posted this blog with any intent to offend anyone. We simply wanted/want to share what we happen to feel/believe. Have a great day and enjoy!

Mystical Journey

This Mercury Retrograde (if you believe in that sort of planetary stuff) has been kicking our emotional bodies. It seems that this retrograde is about letting go and releasing old patterns. It is purging all the negativity out of people. Egos are flying all over the galaxies while hitchhiking on some judgmental-bigotry-uncompassionate spaceship. The backward movement of planets seems to bring out garbage and complete irrational behavior.

There is no rationale these days. I usually don’t write about things like organized religion or politics, but listening to (and reading) others for a week has made me realize that compassion has left the planet. Can I really blame astrology for the craziness? Between the fast food chicken guy and the political state of this country, we seem to be focusing on pettiness and negativity. What is happening to us?

I am no medium, psychic or prophet but it doesn’t take one…

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