A Stinging Encounter

Geez, I hate it when the forces of nature prevent me from finishing the yard work I wanted to get done!  In this case, the “forces of nature” happen to have been a yellow jacket that stung me in two places when I unwittingly disturbed its nest.  Then the little bugger followed me into the house…

Luckily, he stayed on my pants long enough for me to see him and quickly send the dogs upstairs and shut the door.  I couldn’t hear him buzzing about the room, so I figured he flew out through the hole in the screen of the front downstairs window.  But then, as I was closing the other downstairs windows, I saw the little bugger crawling up the window pane.  I grabbed a towel, smacked him with it, and twisted the towel to “squish” him.  (I wasn’t taking any chances that he might still be alive enough in there to sting me again!)  Then, I slipped into my yard shoes and took him out to the porch, still wrapped in the towel.  With the door closed to the house, I shook out the towel and he fell to the floor.  He didn’t look dead, but he was sure not healthy enough to fly.  With great joy, I stomped him with my shoed foot.  “Got you, you little bastard!  That’ll teach you not to mess with a New Yorker!”  Actually, if he learned anything, it was posthumously; but the important thing is that he’s dead so he can’t sting my unsuspecting dogs.

Now I’m afraid to finish the yard work in the back yard.  Are there more bees’ nests out there??  Well, the Terminix guy is coming tomorrow so I’ll let him find out and get rid of them if there are any.  I don’t want the dogs disturbing any nests and getting stung.  Shadow’s natural father’s first mate (not her mother) was stung by a bee several years ago and died as a result, so I’m not taking any chances.  Still with all the times they’ve walked through the bushes out in the back, I don’t think there are any out there.

So, here I sit in the house with the laptop in my lap (on the lap desk) writing about it while I watch the Braves – Nationals game.  I’m not going back out that front door without washing the sunscreen off in the shower, I can tell you that much!!  Two bee stings is enough!   I hate not being outside on a beautiful day like this, but with the windows closed at least the bees can’t get inside.

Through the pain, though, I’m smiling because it reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite Bogie movies, “To Have And Have Not”.  Walter Brennan played the part of Bogie’s rummy (alcoholic) friend Eddie.  He asks a visitor to Bogie’s hotel room “Was you ever bit by a dead bee?”  The visitor says no, but then Lauren Bacall’s character asks him “Were you?”  Eddie says “yeah….” Bacall says “Well, why didn’t you bite him back?” to which Eddie says “I would have but I couldn’t cuz I don’t have a stinger!”  Now I can honestly say I know how it feels to “be bit by a bee” and not be able to bite it back!


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