Sunday Morning Peace

While hubby sleeps, I have some peace.

No TV, no radio, just the soothing sounds of my dogs’ breathing as they rest on the floor near my feet.

No one talking, even to themselves. The birds are singing their songs in the trees outside the window as people drive past on their way to church.

No inner voice telling me I should be studying, or cleaning the house, or washing clothes. My inner voice knows this is Sunday, my day off, my only day to do what I want before hubby arises.

I’m enjoying the quiet whoosh-whoosh of the ceiling fan as its blades turn ’round and ’round in endless circles. I’m enjoying my first cup of morning coffee as I write these words. I know that eventually hubby will wake up and
the peaceful hush of Sunday morning will be broken. But for now I surrender to the joy of peaceful silence.

I look at my dogs. One is sprawled out on the floor beneath my recliner. She’s happy to be close to me. The other one is curled up in a ball of golden fur on the couch, next to my chair. Content and secure in knowing I’m right here. These dogs complete my life in a way that no human ever has. Their love is unconditional. I strive to deserve such devotion, but I know at times I fail at the task. Yet, I still find peace in knowing that their hearts are so forgiving. I should heed the lessons they teach!

Alas, the hubby has awakened. Just a few more minutes and the peacefulness of the early morning will give way to the chatter of the Sunday morning newscast. Callie is awake now, while Shadow still sleeps. Time to put my “pen” aside and take the them outside where I can hopefully extend the peace for a little while longer.


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