Training Journal Page?

To My Followers:

I am nearly halfway through the online coursework for my Dog Obedience Training Instructor course, having just aced the exam for Stage 4 (of 9 online Stages, not including the final exam).

After reading through the beginning of Stage 5 — “How To Teach Basic Obedience Cues”, I’m thinking it might help if I start a journal of my progress with Callie and Shadow. And I’m thinking of making that journal a second page of my blog.

What do YOU think? Would you be interested in reading about my “trials and tribulations” as I practice on my own dogs what I learn through the next few stages? I’ll try to make it as much fun as possible, I promise!


PS Both of my girls have been through PetSmart’s Beginning and Intermediate Obedience Training classes. But I have to admit I’ve been REALLY slack about maintaining those learned lessons. So, this will be interesting…at least for me.


4 thoughts on “Training Journal Page?

  1. GP says:

    There should be no excuse for you to keep up with training now. It helps to put it down on paper (or the Internet) and read back what you were thinking at the time, how you felt, and take the good and the bad to make progress. I look forward to a journal of your training!

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hi! Thanks for the quick response! Wow! I didn’t expect an answer from anyone that quickly! I know at least one of my other “followers” will feel the same way you do.

      I think you left out a word in your comment: “There should be no excuse for you to keep up with training now.” I think you meant “….to NOT keep up…” And you’re right!

      What I might do is buy a small spiral notebook to make notes in and then type those notes on to the journal page. That way I can keep track of my thoughts as I’m thinking them. Have to get the tripod and camera out and start making some videos to insert in the journal, too.

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