The Cesar Millan Community Forum

Life With TWO Power Breeds, and Chico

For those who haven’t heard, the forum we have frequented for a long time (some since it’s inception a few years ago) is gone. I don’t know if someone pulled the plug on it or they forgot to pay the bill for the space, but either way, when you try to access the forum you get directed to a domain registry page. My thoughts on this… I can’t exactly say I saw this coming, but I had a bad feeling when I realized the forum in Cesar Millan’s name was no longer linked to his main website as it had been in the past. Emails to the Cesar Millan Ambassador group and messages through Twitter and Facebook have gone unanswered thus far. It’s very surprising and shocking because one day we were all chatting, helping people around the world with their challenging situations, and the next day it was all…

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