Golden Adventures Still On Hold

Our adventures are still on hold.  Took Shadow back to the vet this morning for a re-check of her left knee.  (For those who don’t know, a dog’s front legs have elbows — like our arms — and its rear legs have knees — like our legs.)  He was very pleased with what he found through his manipulations of her leg….no pings, pongs, pops, or any other kind of noise; no discomfort; good “gait”, good fluid level.  Still, she is getting older and to avoid problems, he wants her to continue taking it easy while gradually working up to her normal level of activity.

Sorry Shadow, but that means no running after the neighbors’ cats to chase them out of your yard; no stalking the other neighbors’ chickens; and no chasing the resident squirrels and chipmunks up a tree or down into their underground homes.  At least for now.  “Mom” will have to continue walking you around the yard with the leash for a couple of weeks.

And for “Mom”?  Well, I still have another week and a half at least before I can go without the brace on my own left foot.  The ligaments must be healing somewhat because it doesn’t hurt to walk around the house, with or without the brace.  And now it’s just uncomfortable to walk around in the sneakers — the only shoes I can get on over the brace — for about 20 minutes or so.  That’s down from excruciating so it’s a good sign.  Just hope that by the time I go back to the doctor, he tells me I can leave the brace off.  I know one thing — the dogs and I are going to have to learn to start walking together again.  Meaning NO pulling “Mom” across the yard, through the house, or anywhere else.  And that learning is going to start the next time we go out in the back yard.  Time to get out the head collar!

And with our luck, by the time I can walk without the brace for more than 20 minutes or so, winter will actually arrive and the snow will keep us from going to the park for another Golden adventure.  I’ll just keep telling myself it won’t happen that way…I’ll “will” the snow to stay away long enough to enjoy at least one Golden adventure before spring returns.


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