Back at School

Last month I told you I had gone back to school and was getting ready to take my first test. Since then I aced my first test and scored 97% on my second test by correctly answering 34 questions out of a possible 35. And I just started studying for my third test.

The best part about being back at school is that I’m really enjoying it. The course material is interesting — at least to me — and I’m learning more about training dogs than any two- or three-week quickie course at PetSmart or Petco could ever teach me. For that matter, I’m learning more about canine behavior than either store has ever thought about teaching.

This course is not limited to teaching a person the basics of training a dog in obedience cues. It starts by teaching general breed characteristics and AKC breed groups, basic vaccination information and disease symptoms, canine growth development stages; moves on to learning theory; and before we start our hands-on externship, we also learn about assessing canine behavior issues; public speaking and teaching group classes; and business building. After we successfully complete our externships, we take our final exam and then graduate.

This course is giving me all sorts of ideas for a new career path. I’ll keep those to myself for now and keep enjoying my Golden life. Back to my studies!


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