So Much STILL Going On!

Friday morning, a few hours before taking Shadow to the vet to have her stitches removed, I took both dogs out to the yard to do their morning “business” not knowing that the neighbors’ cat was resting in the dog house just outside the porch door….

Shadow knew it though and ran right over to the dog house doorway and started barking and carrying on. I had made a slip-collar out of one end of the long leash and put it over Callie’s head and had the other end in my hand. Before I knew what was happening, Callie had pulled me down on my knees, had pulled the end of the leash right out of my hand, and was at the dog house door carrying on with Shadow….

Meanwhile, somehow — and it happened so fast I don’t really know how it happened — my foot ended up under me. I stood up in an attempt to go after the dogs and found that I had to sit down again or I’d be sick. My foot was killing me. The wave of nausea passed as the dogs headed back to see what I was up to. I suppose they had been successful at chasing the cat out of “their” yard. If Shadow was limping, I didn’t notice immediately in my own painful state. Somehow I conquered the pain enough to hobble inside, take the leash off of Callie (she was still dragging it behind her), and drive Sam to work and come back home. By the time I got back to the house, the pain was down from nauseating to not-quite-excruciating….

I noticed that as Shadow came to greet me at the door, she was limping a little bit on her left rear leg. “Oh great!” I thought out loud, “how am I going to get you into and out of the car to go to the vet with both of us limping on our left legs?!” But, Shadow and I managed. Dogs are not “engineered” to show pain or weakness too readily; and this human was not going to allow her own pain to keep her dog from getting needed veterinary attention.

We got into the vet’s exam room and waited for the vet to enter. When he did, he asked how his patient was doing. She was in her shy, anxious state — trying to disappear into the floor so no one could touch her — but, remembering my Dog Whisperer lessons I calmed her enough to let the vet and his assistant get access to her. She did her super-submissive act (I won’t go into details) and the vet suspected an infection. Did a quick lab check and he was right. Meanwhile, she finally calmed down enough for me to walk her to the vet and he saw the limp which by then was even more pronounced. He did some manipulations of her knee joints and decided she needs about 2 weeks worth of rest — no running, no unnecessary jumping, no unnecessary stair climbing, etc. — and more pain killers. “I don’t want to have to do more surgery on the poor girl. She’s been through enough lately” he said.

The good news is that the incision had healed beautifully. He took the stitches out and suggested putting Neosporin on the few places on her neck where she had scratched herself too much. Those have also healed beautifully. Now we just have to make sure she doesn’t re-injure the knee and that my own foot heals. It’s starting to, but I’m still going to see my own doctor tomorrow. At least the pain is now contained to only one part of my foot instead of the entire foot…and only hurts when the ibuprofen wears off or when I’ve been on it for too long. Right now I need that ibuprofen so I’ll sign off until my next Golden adventure. Stay tuned.


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