So Much Going On!

It’s been a while since I posted any random thoughts or doggie stories but so much has been going on!

Like getting ready for Christmas and then celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.

Like filing a claim for hail damage to the roof of the house and thinking about getting some body work done on the truck. Like ordering a new storm door for the main entryway to the house.

And, last but not least, taking the dogs to see the vet for their separate issues…

Callie’s arthritis has been bothering her way more than I suspected says the vet. So, we put her on Tramadol. After 4 or 5 days, not much improvement so back on Rimadyl and doing much better. Maybe another week and then reduce the dosage.

Shadow had to have surgery to remove a hemangioma (benign tumor of blood vessels) from her neck. Poor dog has a long incision and her beautiful hair had to be shaved from the middle of her neck up to the middle of her chin and around the side of her chest almost to her shoulder and back up to almost right below her ear. She has a bandage around her neck that looks more like a human neck brace than a bandage. To protect the skin, I had to put one of my old turtleneck sweaters on her and roll the sleeves up so she doesn’t trip over them and hurt herself. The vet will remove the stitches on Friday morning. And then I will have one very happy puppy-dog!


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