Intolerance vs. Respect

Lately I’ve seen a lot of Facebook postings "inviting" people to replace the generic "Happy Holidays" with Merry Christmas….

Excuse me for "venting" folks; but I do NOT share the opinion of some who think/say that those of us who do not discard the generic greeting have sold our souls to the devil! Or that we’re trying to take (Jesus) Christ out of Christmas.

As a child I was taught to be tolerant of ALL religions. This tolerance did not mean I had/have to agree with those beliefs; only that I should respect others whose religious beliefs are different than my own.  I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, profess to be perfect, or an expert in theology. And I don’t deny that I am occasionally overly reactive to the opinions of others. I just get "miffed" when my own beliefs — and those of others — are subjected to such intolerant nonsense.

I happen to have many friends whose religious upbringings and beliefs are "non-Christian" and who celebrate their own major holidays at the same time of year that I celebrate Christmas. It is out of respect for these friends that I say "Happy Holidays" (which, by the way, for me at least, includes New Year’s).  So, to those of you who believe I have sold my soul to the devil I have only one thing to say: While I don’t agree with your intolerant opinion, I respect your right to have same. All I ask is that you respect my right to be tolerant and to wish someone "Happy Holidays!"


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