No noise from the TV,
No music from a radio,
Just the peace of my
Dogs breathing lightly
as they sleep….
I need this time
in the mornings…

This peaceful feeling
of doing nothing
This quiet time before
anyone else arises,
This quiet time before
I start rushing around,
constantly moving,
in a whirlwind of
Self-created activity…..

Raised in a world
where only the lazy
sit and dream the day away,
I find it hard to slow my pace.
Patience does not come
naturally to me….
I sometimes feel guilty
for just watching my
dogs sleep or listening
to the birds sing or
for just sitting in my
chair, thinking of
nothing in particular or
everything in general.

Quiet time in the morning
gives me t he strength,
the fortitude, to face the
rest of the day, when
I know the pace will quicken
once again, and my patience
will be tested endlessly….

Sometimes I wish
I could just melt into space,
become one with the sky,
and allow myself endless
Quiet Time


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