Needing Some “Disposable” Digital Cameras

Yesterday proved to me that I need to go out and buy some disposable, digital cameras to have available in several areas of the house, especially right next to the porch door leading into the yard…..

I had opened the door to let the dogs out in the yard for a potty break and as soon as the dogs were out in the yard, distracted by the multiple scents available to them in and around the grass, a young male cardinal flew down from a tree branch and perched on the front edge of the dog house roof.  He was absolutely beautiful!  A gorgeous, bright red with an equally bright yellow beak.  I could tell he was young because he wasn’t fully grown physically….he was a little thin, and not quite as tall as the adult male cardinals I’ve seen in the yard.  His color though was just so outstanding that it mesmerized me for the few moments that he sat on the dog house roof watching me watch him.  Then, he “hopped” over to the other side of the roof, then down to the grass to – I suppose – looking for a bite to eat, and finally flew over to the top of the fence before flying away into the neighbor’s yard. 

So, as I said to my husband a moment ago, I need to go out and buy about five of the disposable digital cameras.   I’ll place one at each of the points closest to the doors to the outside of the house so I can capture opportunities like the one I missed yesterday.  Too bad I can’t clone my existing camera!


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