Arthritis Pain OR Storm Anxiety, Part 2

There’s a third possibility that I didn’t even consider yesterday afternoon when I was writing Part 1 of this particular train of thought….

Maybe, just maybe, my poor dog has just been HOT. She has a thick, double coat; and dogs don’t perspire like humans. Dogs expel excess body heat through the pads on the bottom of their feet or through panting. We had some really warm days around here in February, March, April, and May. And we’ve had some in June as well. Perhaps I should just get a cool, damp towel and wipe the bottom of her feet and her chest and stomach area with it to help her cool down.

The house gets warm for us humans in the evening … a lot of the heat of the day finds its way inside and edges the temperature up to a point where I have to adjust the thermostat so we can sleep at night. We humans can at least sleep in lighter clothing whereas the dogs have no choice but to sleep in their thick, double coats.

Before I call the vet on Monday to schedule an appointment for him to check her out, I think I’ll try the towel idea tonight to see if it helps.


2 thoughts on “Arthritis Pain OR Storm Anxiety, Part 2

  1. Ryan says:

    Even though Jewell is only 4 (almost 5), I think about this stuff more and more. Sometimes when it’s really cold and she’s been sleeping she will be a little stiff. And when it’s really hot I get concerned as well. Better safe than sorry though.

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Both Callie & Shadow have stiffness in their legs after long naps — doesn’t matter if it’s cold, hot, or somewhere in between — but then, so do I! I wouldn’t be too concerned about Jewell yet, especially if she doesn’t whine or whimper when she gets up. What you can do, though, if it concerns you significantly — go to petmeds or and order some Cosequin DS. Callie & Shadow both take it, and I’m convinced it helps keep their arthritis in check…I believe Callie’s would be much worse without it. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it. I know the RMB diet is supposed to negate the need for such supplements, but it might not be enough. Check with your holistic vet. I get it from
      I just used a cool, damp washcloth on Callie’s feet, chest, stomach, and inner thighs — I think it helped. She gave me an appreciative “puppy kiss” and went into the bathroom to lay in front of the a/c vent.

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