“Quentin” Theme

While I was browsing the different themes in WordPress’ “manage your theme” section I came across one called “Quentin”. Now, having been a devoted “Dark Shadows” fan since 1966 I just had to preview it. (I was especially devoted to Quentin Collins from the day he first appeared on the show.) Anyway, I liked the way the preview looked, so decided to switch to this theme for a while. Maybe when winter’s over I’ll switch again. For now, I’ll honor my memories of watching “Dark Shadows” with my mom every day after school.

I know, you think I’m crazy. Well, maybe I am, but my attitude has always been “take me the way I am or don’t take me at all”.


2 thoughts on ““Quentin” Theme

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      It is, isn’t it? Funny, so was my teenage heart-throb, “Quentin Collins”, even if he did start out as a self-involved ghost. What’s even stranger is that something provoked a dinner-time conversation about Quentin, and the rest of the show’s characters, last night. Coincidence, or some paranormal forces at work??

      Just noticed that while it’s only 11:51 AM, your comment is showing as “submitted on 2011/01/19 at 4:20 pm”. That’s weird. We’re in the same time zone the last time I looked.

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