Doggie Christmas 2010

My stepson, his wife, and the grand-puppy spent the afternoon and early evening with us on Christmas Eve.  We humans enjoyed each other’s company and after a nice dinner at a local restaurant, we exchanged gifts here at the house.  Meanwhile, Max – being a puppy – wanted to play, play, play.  He couldn’t understand why his “aunties” (Callie and Shadow) just wanted to chill out.   Still, the girls were really quite patient with him.  A few times he got in their faces a little too much and they put him in his place.  To his credit, Max calmed down somewhat after each disciplining but soon wanted to play again.   Callie and Shadow were really good with him – letting him climb all over them and sniff their “private parts” and whatever else he wanted to do.  He played with almost every ball that was not put away in the closet.   When the time came for Max and his pet-parents to leave, Callie & Shadow sat by the front door watching them leave.


On Christmas Day, Callie and Shadow spent the entire day recuperating from Max’s visit.  I let them out in the morning after we got up, fed them, and then found them fast asleep on the living room floor where they stayed most of the day and early evening.  They didn’t even ask to be let out until just before 6 PM, and by then it was snowing outside.  They ran around a little bit looking for just the right spot and a few minutes later they were ready to come back in the house.  They had their dinner and it was back to another long nap.   Callie finally found some renewed energy at about 9 o’clock last night, after a half-dose of medicine for her arthritis.  While hubby and I watched some of the DVDs I got him for Christmas, Callie and Shadow played with their respective Christmas presents for a little while and then settled down again .

Even now, they are napping yet again, even while hubby is making our breakfast!  Normally, both dogs would be sitting at the doorway to the kitchen sniffing the air for whiffs of cooking sausage.  Pleasant puppy dreams my beautiful girls! 

Happy Holidays!!


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