Just Thinkin’…..

Earlier I was watching one of the earlier episodes of The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan and they were showing the one with the comedienne, Barbie something-or-other, and her Chinese Crested Flirt (aka Psycho).   How can any person stand to be that hyper?  It would wear me out!  No wonder the dog is so “psycho”!   I bet Cesar had to do A LOT of breathing exercises when he was finished with that segment of the show!!   God Bless him for his patience!

Callie – my own “pack assistant” sat in front of the TV watching the beginning of this segment and getting more “antsy”, wanting to somehow calm the “psycho dog” down for Cesar.  I had to tell her “relax” and use my energy to get her to move away from the TV and lie down in the hallway.  Meanwhile, Shadow was sound asleep on the couch.

Cesar says that we don’t always get the dog we want but we always get the dog we need.  In the case of my two dogs, I lucked out and got both the dogs I wanted and the dogs I needed.  With Cesar’s help, these two dogs have taught me a lot about life and myself. 


One thought on “Just Thinkin’…..

  1. growingpack says:

    Yes, more power to Cesar for being calm in that episode. You can tell for sure he had no idea he was walking into that kind of environment beforehand, and the energy affected him.

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