New to this Blogging Thing

Well, I guess I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve set up my own Blog.  What the heck I’m going to blog about is beyond me at this point.   And how often I’m going to post is also unknown to me at this point.   Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite pix of my two sweet dogs, Callie and Shadow……..


Jason's Pix 122


4 thoughts on “New to this Blogging Thing

    • samsnortherngirl says:

      I wasn’t sure I was going to go through with it, either. BUT, I figured that since my new laptop has “Windows Live Essentials” (with Windows Live Writer) on it to help me set it up, heck, why not. Now I just have to figure out how I want to finish setting it up.

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Thanks, Terri! And “Howdy” to you, too! My “girls” are beautiful, aren’t they? Even moreso after a professional grooming — LOL.

      Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I don’t know what I’ll write about in the future, but it is kinda fun putting my thoughts out there in cyberspace.

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